The Psychology Of Sexual Attraction

Geplaatst op 2024-04-09

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There’s one important thing all men who want to attract and seduce a woman should know: women will be inevitably attracted to those men who, they believe, can give them the strongest children. It has been like this since the dawn of history and it still is now. All women will be seduced by those men who they feel will be protectors of their children and themselves. It’s printed in their genes, it’s just natural.


It has always been like that and it won’t change anytime soon. What did change though is which man actually represents that. A couple of thousands years back it was that man who, as a consequence of his power and strength had dominated the rest. In the present, the desired man is the one who is charismatic, influences others and has more power. In both cases, we are speaking about the traditional and present leaders of the tribe. In both cases, the leader of the tribe is the man with the highest amount of value.



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If you want to be successful with women, you got to have that very clear. You must try to build those qualities that make up the modern leader. The more leader and charismatic you are, the more women you will attract. It’s something natural.


Which qualities, then, should you develop? I’ll give you a few examples, but the list could be endless.


Firstly, keep a healthy appearance. Going back to the first theory, a sick man would not provide her with healthy and strong children. So, even if you have a nice face, she might not be attracted. It’s no coincidence that girls are in love with men with muscles and a well-fit body either. Just think about it – it all makes sense. I don’t think that to seduce women you got to go to the gym every day or stay hours in front of the mirror either. But you should take at least a few minutes to work on your looks. I strongly recommend you all to read the article about that here.


Secondly, learn to speakSpeaking is the fists of the modern times. While our ancestors fought with sticks and swords for every other discussion, we can end most conflicts and establish our leadership through speech. Learn to speak and to influence the others around you and you will become the leader you want to. For that you got to practice, but give some serious commitment. If you want to be a great leader you got to be really good at this.


Finally, be able to withstand social pressure. There are few leaders because few people have the guts and readiness to confront the eyes and criticism of the whole society. After all, many men are afraid of what the rest will think of them. Go to hell with that and be confident in yourself, gain respect and share your ideas, views, dreams or do things other would not. Breaking through social pressure will make you a higher value man, more desirable and much more respected. It will show toughness and strength.


Still, think about all the qualities that make up a leader. Work to become one! We’ll be covering more of these in the near future so keep in touch!